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We’re here to guide you through the process of selling your property.

When home prices fall, the supply of homes for sale, increases, and bars become more demanding, it’s a buyers market. That doesn’t mean we can’t sell your home for an acceptable price. I can give you an accurate overview of the market, help you with strategies and bring offers from qualified buyers. In a buyer’s market, only location and condition can move buyers to pay more for any home. I am unable to do anything about location but I can take condition out of the question.

Image by Naomi Hébert

Tip 1 : Investing in a home inspection before putting your property on the market is another step to consider. It’s best to find out beforehand if there are any issues that can be fixed before buyers find out on their own. That would give them negotiating power for a lower price or, worst case scenario, a reason to back out of the deal. 

Tip 2: Showing pride of ownership by placing your home in top move-in condition so that your home is more appealing to buyers than any other home in your price range. You can expect low offers in a buyer's market, but homes that are priced fairly and in pristine condition will be treated with more respect by buyers.

Tip 3: Have a vacant property or empty room? Consider virtual staging, 81% of prospects find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it's staged.

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